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By accepting the terms you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. attaches great importance to the fact that you are comfortable using our digital offering and other services. We therefore have a clear policy that we process the information that you provide us responsibly, as well as with respect for your privacy and of course in accordance with the legislation governing this area.

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website, to assess the use of the individual elements of the website and to support the marketing of our services on the site and the Internet in general. We want to provide full and complete information about our use of cookies. The information is used for example to perform use-based individual targeting of advertising, to supply your desired service/product, and to follow-up on orders, competitions and statistics etc.

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But wait – perhaps you should not delete your cookies?

When you delete your cookies, you will lose valuable information and make your activities on the Internet unnecessarily cumbersome. Many delete cookies to clear their search history or hide which pages they have visited, but in this case it is actually easier to simply switch to Private Browsing and keep the cookie benefits which ensure that your preference will be remembered every time you return.

By accepting the terms you also confirm that you understand that the information you make available to may be used by us and our collaborating partners to send offers to you, and that this may be done via text, email and by phone.

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Protection of personal information

CME Network endeavours at all the times to be at the forefront of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) (The Personal Data Regulation) (EU regulation 2016/679) in its handling and processing of personal information. CME Network will not disclose personal information to other partners. Your personal information will only be passed on to other companies provided you accept their specific offers, including their terms and conditions.

As a registered customer with, you have in accordance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data the right to access information that is registered about you.

Your accept in accordance with these terms is not limited in time and thereby valid until you opt out or CME Network decides to terminate the membership.

If you have created a profile, you have the option to update your information or delete your profile and revoke your personal data consent. In case of a vacation period, a holiday as well as weekends you must expect a longer processing time.



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